Sizes for organic straws are available as follows:

3 mm x 6″ (cocktail/bar stirrers)
6 mm x 8″ FLEX
6 mm x 8″
8 mm x 7.75″
8 mm x 11″
10 mm x 9″

  • Should you require another size, we will customize to your specifications.

BGUSA distributes organic drinking straws, cocktail stirrers, and smoothie straws. All straws compost in less than 180 days in landfills. The straws are 100% organic. No plastic component is used in the manufacturing of this product. As these straws are far superior to paper straws, deterioration in your drink does not occur. Should a person or animal accidentally ingest any part of the straw, the subject will not be harmed. The straws are FDA approved for food. The straws have all certifications necessary which includes ASTM D 6400, EN 13432 and OK to Compost. Organic PLA is part of the ingredients which is used to stiffen the manufacturing of straws. The straws are BPI certified.