BGUSA manufactures many different styles of organic bags such as T-shirt style bags, dog waste bags, trash bags, and bin liners. As the bags contain no conventional plastic, they are non-toxic to the environment, animals, and plants. The bags have an electric dissipative feature (suitable for electronic wrapping) along with an anti-static feature-dust repellent, oxygen-barrier corrosion prevention, and oil/grease resistance. They dissolve in hot water (176 degrees F) and soften in water at room temperature. Each bag can hold approximately 8-12 pounds. The bags burn like paper with no toxic fumes. They turn into a tissue-like paper with a warm vapor that smells like wood. The bags are water resistant.

Should this product be accidentally ingested by humans or animals, no harm will occur.

  • Should you require another size, we will customize to your specifications.

These bags compost in less than 90 days in landfills. No PLA is used in the manufacturing of these bags which makes them a true organic product. Certifications required include ASTM D 6866-12, ASTM D 6400-12, ASTM D 5338-15, ISO 20200, ASTM D 6002-02, and OECD 208. The bags are BPI pending.